Spicy Pulp Covers Version 1


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The Spicy pulps were some of the most provocative pulps ever published. They were usually sold under the counter.  This CD contains the covers from Spicy Adventures, Spicy Detective, Spicy Mystery, Spicy Western , and - what I think is a spoof of the Spicy pulps, Spicy Fight Stories!

See scantily clad women being kidnapped and taken by ... who?  Why?  Women in tattered clothes running or hiding from their captors!

< style="color: rgb(102, 0, 0);">What I find interesting is, having read some Spicy pulps, the covers are the best thing about them!

The Spicy pulps are among the hardest to find, and among the most expensive to buy.  You can have these covers for a small fraction of what any original would cost.

Interested in seeing the cover of that pulp you've been looking for? Want to set up your screen saver to randomly display a new pulp cover every 5 seconds? Want to see great pulp cover art from great pulp artists? Artists like Margaret Brundage, Walter Baumhaufer, Virgil Finley, Frank R. Paul, George and Jerome Rozen, Rudolph Belarski, Hannes Bok, Ward, and more!! You'll sit for hours looking at this.

Many tell me they use this to create pulp cover screen savers and slide shows. They say they sit there for hours watching.

Many images are suitable to print out, so if you have a coverless pulp, see the cover, print the cover, and have a complete pulp.

There is NO better single CD value!


Spicy Adventures
December 1935
Spicy Detective
June 1934
Spicy Mystery
August 1936
Spicy Western
May 1938