Sexy Sirens Sexy covers Version 1


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Over 500 sexy pulp and magazine  covers from the early 20th century to the 1930s.  Most of these were sold under the counter, much like the more explicit nude photo magazines are sold now in many places.  But these are works of the brush, not the air brush.  Women of all types and in all forms of dress and undress drawn with pen and ink.  The titles are as titillating as the covers, including Bedtime Stories, French Stories, Tattle Tales, Broadway Nights,  and much, much more!!

<>These are some of the hardest pulps and magazines to collect!

Over 500 Sexy Sirens for you to see!!

Interested in seeing the cover of that pulp you've been looking for? Want to set up your screen saver to randomly display a new pulp cover every 5 seconds? Want to see great pulp cover art from great pulp artists? Artists like Margaret Brundage, Walter Baumhaufer, Virgil Finley, Frank R. Paul, George and Jerome Rozen, Rudolph Belarski, Hannes Bok, Ward, and more!! You'll sit for hours looking at this.

Customers tell me they use this to create pulp cover screen savers and slide shows. They say they sit there for hours watching.

Many images are suitable to print out, so if you have a coverless pulp, see the cover, print the cover, and have a complete pulp.

There is NO better single CD value!


Bedtime Stories October 1933
Breezy Stories
April 1944
Film Fun
September 1929
May 1933
Saucy Movie Tales September 1936