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e produce the best and most complete series of Pulp Cover Image Products on the market.  At the best prices.  No other company produces anything like the Pulp Image Library with thousands of pulp cover images on one disk!  No other company produces the different Pulp Image Cover T-Shirts, Mugs, Mousepads, iPad covers, or Postal Stamps.

We also sell Pulps ... and Golden Age/Silver Age comics as well!

And no other company offers individual genre disks as complete and with as many images as we do. 

We don't require you buy more than one disk for any single genre.  And we're the only company producing the all in one Pulp Image Library with all genres and all pulp titles on one disk.  almost 21,000 pulp cover images!
Pulps 1st currently offers the following genre disks

Detective & Mystery
SF & Fantasy
Heroes & Villains
Spicy Pulps
Sexy Sirens
Anthology Pulps
Air & War Pulps

These are the best pulp cover disk reference tools around!  The Best T-Shirts!  The Best Mugs!  And the best ... you get the idea.
New Products
We are working on new pulp image products.  

In the design phase are pulp calendars, with different pulp cover images from Spicy pulps, SF & Fantasy pulps, Western pulps, and more!

Pulp Image T-shirts, drink mugs, mousepads, iPad covers, and posters are now available  You will be able to choose from a large selection of images for your shirt, mug, mousepad, iPad cover, or poster, with more products on the way!

  No one does it better!

No one does it as well!